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Thank you, Jay!

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Hello Baseball Fans,
I have created the Niagara Musky Association Alternate Reality Baseball League using the Yahoo Fantasy Baseball service. I invite any and all interested to join. This league will be open to only NMA members and their families. There is no entry fee. I will be donating a Legend Plow (in whatever color you want Jimmy Reynolds to paint for you) to be awarded to the league champion. The league and settings may be viewed by clicking on the link below:
Join. It will be fun.

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I love to play NFL Fantasy. Always wondered why we didn't have a NMA fantasy football league . Never played baseball, though. You must really have to keep after it, with pitching rotations and such.

I will set up a NMA Fantasy Football League next year. Great idea. Fantasy Baseball blows football out of the water as far as I'm concerned, but then again baseball is as important to me as musky fishing. Join up. So what if you've never played before. It won't cost you a dime and you'll always have something to check out on your phone. Here's a challenge to the entire membership, if you beat me heads up on any week during the regular season, I'll cough up $5 in raffle tickets for you at the following meeting.

I don't follow baseball much, but to help you fill out a league, the Golden Walleye baseball club has been spawned. I'll try not to let it become a complete zombie team.

Nice! Go Walleyes!


How do you play fantasy baseball?

I don't know if Ning's limited data storage will permit me to answer your question completely, Scott. But here goes almost nothing...
1. Download the Yahoo Fantasy sports application.
2. Click on the link I provided and sign up for our league.
3. Draft preparation: Read dozens of baseball prospectus, watch hundreds of games from last year, OR rely on Yahoo's preseason rankings.
4. Draft: Click on the League tab in your app and then click DRAFT. Click enter draft about 5 minutes before the start on Tuesday, March 13 at 7:30pm.
5. Yahoo will generate the draft order randomly.
6. Make your selections prior to your allotted time expiring.
7. After the draft you will be required to enter starting lineups daily. This is a breeze with the Yahoo app.
8. You will be able to sign and drop players, trade players, place players who are injured on the disabled list and act as your team's general manager and manager.
9. Yahoo keeps track of all transactions and scoring.
10. Easy peazy.
11. Beat my team when you we are scheduled to play and receive $5 worth of free raffle tickets at the following meeting.
12. Win our league and receive a free legend plow in whatever color you'd like Jim Reynolds to paint for you.

It's free. It's easy. You will learn a ton about the truly incredible players of Major League Baseball and, hopefully, learn to appreciate the wonderful game that baseball is. Plus, when you win you can taunt your buddies.
I'll get to what a "Labadini" is tomorrow...
Welcome to our league, Danny Lacko!
We are picking up some steam! Welcome to the Carpe Diem Believers and their owner, Carrie Keane!

 it looks sort of like yahoo fantasy hockey, where you play one opponent for a week' and the stats your players generate during that time compete against each other in about a dozen categories.

Is there a  start active players button like the hockey, or do you have to do in manually daily?

There is a start active players button.

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