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Thank you, Jay!

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A couple weeks ago I briefly hooked a fish that felt strong and heavy and that managed to peel line against my drag. I marked where I was when the fish struck and returned to that area the other night. At almost the same location my lure was slammed. The fish felt heavy and stayed down throughout the entire battle and I had to force it toward the surface from almost under my boat. The grab of the net went smoothly but the power of the fish against my one handed grip of the rod was too much for me to keep it near the top. I saw the lure completely outside of the mouth and that only one point of the rear hook was all that connected us. It managed to get deep under my boat and it took turns swimming circles in both directions. Luckily the fish didn’t rip free as I dragged it back to the surface. I positioned the net in front of it and watched it swim completely inside. Caught. Tommy was a couple hundred yards away but noticed my headlamp turned on and was able to see the splashing going on in the net. He started my way and was alongside by the time I freed the hook from its mouth. Bumpboard and camera were ready as I lifted her. 49.5”. Not sure if it was the same fish that I’d lost but I know I’ll be checking what is hopefully an address. Maybe she’ll be home and hungry again..

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Awesome man!

Great job, Carl!

Nice report, Carl. Made me feel like being at ringside


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