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Thank you, Jay!

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It seems that cosmic forces have worked hard to keep me off the water this year. One thing after another. In a two week period when I thought I would be free to do some extra musky fishing it struck me with a nagging cold/flu. I decided to get out yesterday morning anyway hoping some sunshine would chase away the cold. It helped, I think.

And yes, the harvest moon was incredible to see in the early morning. 

Early on I noticed the bass breaking the surface, always a good sign I thinks. Means fish activity. Then I heard a veritable explosion and looked back at the remains of the largest fish generated splash I've ever seen. Really. Must be a huge musky I thought. Cast around but nothing showed any interest. 

Weeds were as bad as the last time I was out. So I ventured to the trench where the floating weeds were no problem. Nothing drifting but I noticed musky activity along the weed edges. So I threw a cast about ten feet past one of the muskies I saw and jerked my tube back to the boat. A nice forty-ish followed my lure back to the boat. I figured eight and on the second turn the fish grabbed the lure. Had it on for a second or two. Well that was fun. Honest. 

Did some more casting with a variety of lures and had one follow from a 20 something. John is right, seems to be a healthy number of smaller fish roaming around this year, especially if you fish shallower. If I'm still doing this in ten years should be another class of big fish! 

No more action for me, but love drifting down the river.

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Tony...I already marked my calendar. I'll see you out there 9/30/2033. If I have any action, I'll send you a text

Tony, Us old guys need to hope we have effective devices to help with musky casting and dragging those weed laden baits back to the boat. I'm thinking exoskeleton, bionics etc.

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