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Thank you, Jay!

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Now that musky season has ended I'd be willing to bet a few of you will move on to a new outdoor activity. Whats it going to be? I'll wait until I cant take it any longer and then hit the lake erie tribs for winter steelhead. Ooh the solitude and ice shelves... I love it! I'll probably hit it 3-4 this winter for 2-3hrs a pop.

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Got rid of a lot of production baits. Sold a few depthraiders, giant flatsticks, a bunch of blue fox bucktails I'll never ever use, cowgirls, little grandmas, a few toothies. Just stuff that doesn't get used. Anyone looking for baits or looking to offload baits should join musky flea market on facebook. It's a closed group so you need an invite but if you msg me on Facebook I'll send an invite so you can join the group. It's an amazing resource, doesn't take long to move baits on there but some of the deals that come up can be hard to resist. Hell cullen sells his reels every year and just buys new instead of cleaning them and changing drags. Lol

Hi All, Merry Christmas !! Plans for the off season are scout the 500 acres in Oakfield of the hunting club I recently joined; steelhead fish when weather permits; research a boat that I can fish the entire season. Lots of clean up here at home,including my cracked rafter job from the storm. Hopefully fish with more NMA members in the future and become more active in the club now that Ive retired.

Retired?!  "More active in the club now that I've retired"?  To quote Jerry Miller, "muuuaaahahahahahahhaha!"  Any board aspirations, Al?

Al & Everyone, Merry Christmas!
Capt Larry

Al...congratulations on your retirement & Merry Christmas to everyone out there.  I found that I used to fish more when I was working than when I retired (July '13) & told my wife that I'm thinking of going back to work just so I can fish more.  That never goes over well, especially with the list I have.

I'm starting work in my basement & converting it to a "Tying Room" where I can tie flies & get all the junk I've accumulated organized.  Then when the spring comes, I'll be ready to hit Cassadaga with a new smorgasbord of flies.  Inland musky will be earlier this year, I believe. 

I plan to get out steelhead fishing on the tribs a few times as well. I also would like to hit the Niagara bar for cast and blast if the conditions permit. The boys at work are talking ice fishing, but I don't know about that.

Congrats on the retirement Al. 

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