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Thank you, Jay!

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Went out this morning 5am-10am

In Chris Clarks boat...made 3 drifts at strawberry and castes the side of hits and no follows.......

Drove down to the canal in NT. and anchored there for about 2hrs. Casted some perchbaits Chris had a 30" or so follow about 10' off the boat...... I told Chris this was my "lucky cast" and as the lure came to the boat I see a nice long fish behind it......tried everything I could had the fish right at the boat side was a mid/lower 40s fish...I ran out of room because of the anchor line. I should have hit it with a blow dart it was literally touching the boat and 2" under the surface......if i only had 2 more feet I would have had a better shot at enticing the fish......o well that about sums up my season so far

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