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Thank you, Jay!

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Does a fish following your bait back to the boat make your heart beat a little faster? Get nose to nose with some big fish!

Comment by Jerry Miller on September 15, 2012 at 1:20pm

Jim I love your foottage!! It's great to see that even though I haven't caught many Skis this year that they are indeed down there laughing at my bait go by!!LOL!! Also,I lost my favorite perchbait around lunge lane(I believed it snagged on the bottom and popped my line), if you happen to find it in your divings,I'd be happy to pay you a reward for it's safe return. It had a green top,white sides and orange strip on the botton!! I miis her so!! I know it's a slim chance but maybe just maybe you can reunite the two of us again!!

Jerry Miller 716-523-6468

Comment by Jim Kinner on September 15, 2012 at 5:02pm

Thanks Jerry. Tomorrow will be my last dive of the season. I,m not quite sure where Lunge lane is. We Probably will be diving In Front of strawberry, and the west river about midstream in the Frenchmans creek area. If I find it I will return it to you.

Hate to stow the dive gear, but the waters getting chilly and a bit murky. Going to get my stream gear in shape and do some fishing myself.

Board Member
Comment by Scott McKee on September 16, 2012 at 10:42am

I thought it would be nice if someone gave you a diving report from a fishing hot spot for a change.  With this in mind I dove in the River last week and Burt Dam this morning.

I didn't see any muskies except the one in my Beckman next to my boat last week. It was 10:30 PM though.

This morning at Burt Dam there were salmon everywhere with a few small browns mixed in.  I was snagged 132 times by hopeful anglers who thought they had caught a world record salmon.  One of these snaggers, who can only be described as "rural", knocked me on the head and dragged me up the hill.  While trying to gut me and stuff me in his trunk, a nice DEC officer asked for the gentleman's NYS fishing license.  When the man couldn't produce the appropriate card, I was released.

I went back to diving.  Believe it or don't, this happened again.  Unfortunately the DEC officer had left and I am filing this report on my phone while Locked in the Trunk of a Car. Tragically, I injured my Hip in the process.  I think we're heading south.

I asked the angler / kidnapper where he was taking me?  The toothless man, who was shocked his salmon could speak, said, "it's dark and it's rotted.  It's a cool, sweet kinda-place where the copters won't spot it and I destroyed the
map, I even thought I forgot it, however, every-day I'm dumping the body.  It'd be better for us if you don't understand.  It'd be better for me if you don't understand."

Let me out!  Let me out!  Let me out!

(This is a joke of course.)  (I can't get log-on to the site from my cheapo phone.)

Comment by Jim Kinner on September 17, 2012 at 4:41pm

Simple, really. Dive training teaches you to get out of jams like the aforementioned. Swimming around the rocks like most of the fish do when hooked should cut the line. But, as you've already been captured, I would suggest gnawing through the speaker wires while in the trunk. That will stop the Tragically Hip. When Cleetus opens the trunk, WHAM, you hit him over the noggin, and toss his ass in the trunk! Then, Don't you look happy.


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