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Thank you, Jay!

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Louis and I went out on the river at 5:30 this morning. Took a few drifts in front of Strawberry with nothing happening. Drifted along the east side of Strawberry and Motor Islands. Below Motor Louis spotted a couple big muskies about 22 feet down. Water was very clear. Took another drift along and beyond Motor to where Louis saw the muskies. Easy to do with GPS tracking. At 8am at that very spot (almost) I hooked and landed a 42 incher. I was using a black ROB Ninja tube (surprise surprise!). I thank Louis for his musky sighting ability and his excellent netting.

Tried a drift alongside mid-river marina. As i was reeling in a lure to clean off some weeds I  had a follow. Did a figure-8 and the muskie immediately hit the lure. I set the hook and had it on for a few seconds but it shook it's head out of the water and spit the tube. about a 38 incher. Fun to see.

I wish I had my gopro on for the figure-8 fish. Would have been cool video. Wish I had my gopro on my head, or in my boat. or in my car. I learned something today (which I probably already knew). Gopros sink. As it was getting hotter in to morning I decided to take off the light sweatshirt I had on. Lifted my hat off my head and heard something splash in the water. I looked down and saw my gopro slowly sinking next to the boat. I reached for it in vain as it was just out of reach and I watched it sink out of sight.

So if anyone is interested in snagging the river for a gopro feel free to try. I lost it a couple hundred feed below the yellow bouy at the head of Motor Island in about 20 feet of water. If you find it you can keep it. Comes in a water-proof case, has a 64 gb memory card, and a head band. You'll also have exclusive access to the 42 inch muskie I had caught and released. Oh, and battery included!

By the way, moss was a light nuisance around Strawberry but hardly any moss or weeds along and below Motor.


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Great report, Tony, and congratulations on getting the skunk off your boat early.

If I fished with a GoPro on my head I'd either have to carry ten of the devices on board or staple the thing to my head. Didn't you almost sink your GoPro on Nipissing taking your hat off on that blisteringly hot day a few years back?. We were casting on the lake side of the narrows when Frank pulled up while Tony was slumped down in the passenger seat more melted goo than man. I think Frank had to pry him off the seat with a spatula.

Great report, Tony. And Louis seems to make good things happen in your boat!


Sorry for your loss.

I got one in last year's opener and Tony got one today. I’m very happy for Tony's first day of Muskie opener today. Good job teams. 

John Jarosz said:

Great report, Tony. And Louis seems to make good things happen in your boat!

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