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Thank you, Jay!

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Some Catches are more satisfying than others

A friend and I headed to a Lake Ontario trib. after work. We had heard that there were a decent amount of steelies in.

We arrived and found the creek high and Lightly stained. We hit some known hot spots, and found we could indeed see fish. I worked a gravel section, and Joe was working just above me to some rather sizable dark shadows. We were going through our fly boxes, trying to find the answer. After about an hour, I caught a 3lb male on a #10 hare's ear. 

Joe's drift was rough, due to the location of some large rocks that made swinging to them a chore. Mine seemed better, But I couldn't make another sale. After a while, Joe Headed upstream to see if there were any dumber fish up there. The guys working across the creek from us hadn't done anything either. 

I decided after a bit to try to try to pitch to the fish Joe had been working, but with a different attack. I walked down onto the gravel I had been fishing, and positioned myself so I could try an upstream cast.I knew this would scatter the fish I had been working, But I had seen the size of the fish out between those rocks, and couldn't  help myself. I found the range, trying to land the fly about 8 feet in front of them, and not let the fly line slap the water overhead hard enough to send them packing. I tied on a little black and green wooly  worm of my own creation, and a bb split about 20 in. up. Laying the line on the rock and pumping up a little loop to drop it off seemed to create little disturbance to the fish. Good. The fly would track right down the side of this rock through the midst of them. I just needed to strip  the line to keep pace with the flow. After several runs through, The line just stopped. I tried to point my 7 wt.  to the sky and the water exploded .It was the BIG BOY. a series of violent head shakes followed by some air left little doubt that it was a good hook. The guys on the other side if the creek turned into ESPN announcers and anaylists.

"That thing is as big as a salmon,It's around the big rock" , Around that tree, He's really angry, what are you using? what's that look like what color? how much do you think it weighs, All as I desperately tried to get out in the flow and get my line free off the rocks and trees.  finally with nothing between the fish and me but line, it broke water again and turned toward the big lake, I palmed the reel and went low left with the rod, the fish turned and came back up. I was now in a close in fight and gaining the edge. As I continued to play the fish I began to see more side, and knew it was tiring. The second time by I swung the net, and it was done.

The big bastard measured 31 1/2.  It is just shy of my PB, but if i ever forget this one, it will be dementia  setting in. 

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Comment by Scott McKee on March 15, 2012 at 12:19am

Jimmy!  Jimmy!  Ha ha!  (Goodfellas reference)  There's almost nothing like a big steelie on a fly rod.  Please tell me you took a picture.  I think since this is the first blog not written by me (it's about time), I'll name yours the blog of the month. This prestigeous honor wins you nothing but a laurel and hardy handshake (Blazing Saddles reference) and I'm all out of laurels.


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