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Thank you, Jay!

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  My week of staycation is coming to a close. I thought i'd do a brief report. Fished the opener with 2 friends. only one lazy follow. Monday it was lake Erie. The wind was up, so we fished inside Donnelley's. this produced 10 smallish smallmouth. The wind allowed us to fish the main lake on Tuesday. It was mud out for a couple miles. Went out deep and dragged worm harnesses. This produced only white perch.

 Stayed home and did chores on Wednesday. Thursday was Lake Ontario for trout and Salmon. We released 3 small Coho's. Friday was trolling and some bottom fishing on Erie. We picked up a mixed bag with a couple walleye, a few bass, a perch and several Lackawannna  Redfish.

Today, conditions had improved enough to dive for the first time this year. the water was a bit stained and silty. We had 8 foot visibility. Bumped 5 muskie on the first drift, 2 were beauties. also a Sturgeon, and decent amounts of bass, and walleye. The second drift produced more bass and walleye encounters. I hope to get out again soon- Jim 


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Comment by Scott McKee on June 22, 2013 at 10:15pm

Go get 'em Aquaman!

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Comment by John Jarosz on June 23, 2013 at 9:35pm

Jim...neat vid you posted.  I did find the same conditions you described bottom bouncing off Rich's with a three-way.  Picked up a lot of moss.

It's been fairly windy all month & I don't recall that many calm days.  Maybe I just remember the windy ones.  Do you think all the algae that's in the river was broken up off Bflo, the windmills & 18 mi & is just drifting downstream or did it look like it originated in the river? 

You're right about the unusual amount.  It seemed like last year the water temp shot up quicker than it's doing this year & it didn't seem like it had as much algae.

Comment by Jim Kinner on June 24, 2013 at 6:36am

There is a good amount of moss, John. The moss grows on rocks until current, or wave action tears it off. The wind is a factor. The moss is fed by nutrients in the water as well. The moss level is not THAT unusual for this time of year, but considering the level of that AND the alga stain, not good.


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