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Thank you, Jay!

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Just a reminder, if you have any monofilament from any of the collection bins or even if you have any old mono from re-spooling your reels, please bring it to the meeting on Tuesday, Oct 5th. Louis Long will be there to collect any mono brought in & we will make sure it gets to the BN Waterkeepers.

Thanks for the work & collecting. Unfortunately, if you have any braided line from personal use, that's NOT recyclable. We do find it in the collection bins and the BNW has to separate. Thx!! 

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Comment by John Jarosz on September 29, 2021 at 7:51pm

Louis & I met with Emily Dyett of the BN Waterkeeper today at Broderick Park. Much to our surprise Emily took elementary sign language in the 7th grade. It was a lot of fun with the three of us trying to hold a conversation. A good & enjoyable time together.

Louis has graciously taken on the mono bin collection project from me. We've been messaging each other right along so hes up to speed. I'll be working with him until the end of the year anyway

And we came up with a scheme to (maybe) keep some trash out. It won't keep all of it out but maybe it will help. Trash is the biggest problem


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